PoliceFit Description
Safety was the main factor considered in the creation of the PoliceFit Competition, and because the FireFit of Canada course is recognized for safety, the new PoliceFit challenge will take place entirely on the FireFit course.
Like the FireFit competition, where the tasks are designed to imitate a firefighter's regular task, the PoliceFit challenge also imitates the regular tasks of a police officer in the line of duty.

Competitor Eligibility Criteria
The competition is open to any individual who is employed by a recognized law-enforcement agency, and or similar agency, and includes nature and game conservation officers, park wardens, etc.

Competitor Categories
Please note that there are three types of competition. Each category represents a different type of competition:

"Individual: Solo Score": where all competitors complete the entire course alone, and where these individuals' times are compared to other individuals' times.

"Team Score": where competitors compete alone, however they form teams of three (3) to five (5) individuals (from the same Department). The final scores are calculated by adding the three best times together to generate the Team Time.

"Relay Team": where multiple individuals from the same Department form a Team.  Each member completes one or more of the nine tasks. Relay Teams consist of 3 to 5 members. A police baton is held by the active member, who is completing a task. The baton may only be passed to the next member on the team once the prior task is complete.  The next task may not be started until the previous task is completed and the baton has been passed to the next member.  Exchanges must be grasp to grasp.

Award Categories

Individual: Solo Score Team Score Relay Team
1. Open Men 1. Open Men 1. Open Men
2. Open Women 2. Open Women 2. Open Women
3. Men Over 40 3. Men Over 40 3. Men Over 40
4. Women Over 40 4. Women Over 40 4. Women Over 40
5. Men Over 50 5. Men Over 50 5. Men Over 50
6. Women Over 50 6. Women Over 50 6. Women Over 50

PoliceFit Description

#1  Stair Climb with Police Tactical Pack (TacPac) 
The first event is the stair climb with 25 lb TacPac. This is carried up the stairs and must be deposited completely in the box on the top floor of the tower (40 ft., 6 flights, 60 steps). Missing the box constitutes a 2-second penalty. The TacPac must stay on the platform or the competitor is disqualified. When ascending the tower hand rails may be used. Steps can be taken one at a time or in multiples on the way up. When descending handrails & steps must be used. Failure to touch each step on the way down will result in a 2 second penalty per infraction.

#2  TacPac Hoist
A 30 lb bag (TacPac) is used. The TacPac must be hauled (usually hand over hand motion) up to the top landing of the tower, lifted and placed completely in the box or a 2 second penalty is assessed.  The TacPac must not leave the top platform, (results in disqualification). A TacPac may not be retrieved.

#3  Monkey Bars 
Competitors must successfully scale across a series of parallel bars, otherwise known as monkey-bars. The monkey-bar apparatus is 5 feet (152 centimeters) wide, 10 feet (305 centimeters) long and 7 feet (213 centimeters) high.
Competitors must not touch the ground during the crossing, as a penalty of 2 seconds will be assessed for each infraction. Competitors are allowed, however, to skip as many bars as they wish upon crossing.

#4  Fence Jump 
Competitors are to climb over a four-foot fence (122 centimeters). No particular technique is mandatory for this stage. (For example, the technique used in the picture at right is a complete jump over the fence.)

#5  Tunnel Crawl 
Competitors must crawl through an eight-foot (244 centimeters) by 4-foot (100 centimeters) transparent tunnel.

#6  Forceful Entry 
Competitors must use an 8-pound mallet to simulate the forcible entry of a door. The competitor will then deposit the mallet within the designated square. If the mallet does not land and remain within the designated area, a penalty of 2 seconds will be assessed.

#7  Target Shooting 
Five targets are situated in the shooting gallery . Moving forward from the forcible entry task the competitor un-holsters a RAM50 training pistol, (training equivalent to a regular service handgun) loads and takes 5 shots at the targets. Each missed target will result in a penalty of 2 seconds.  Once the five shots are taken unload clip and re-holster gun.

#8  Suspect Control (Handcuffs) 
Competitors must use standard police handcuffs to immobilize both hands of the mannequin.

#9  Partner Rescue 
The final task requires the competitor to drag a 175 lb  mannequin a distance of 75 feet backwards (22 meter) to the finish line.  The course is complete when the timing beam is broken and the feet of the mannequin cross the minimum drag line.

Equipment and Attire

Competitors will be required to provide and wear the following protective gear
1. Official Service boots 2. Official service gloves (leather)
3. Service uniform (pants, shirt, belt)  
Equipment Provided
1. Gun, holster, ammunition 2. Handcuffs
3. Police baton 4. Bullet-proof vest

Email: firefit@firefit.com
Phone: 604.626.0918
Fax: 604.626.0892

We recommend communicating with your local fire department to participate in their training activities. The Police-Fit competition requires relatively the same amount of physical capacity and fitness as the FireFit competition for fire fighters. One method to attain the minimum level of physical endurance for the Top-Cop competition is to practice and train with fire fighters. The reason this is recommended is due to the fact that most fire departments have training facilities, which may be very beneficial when training for the Police-Fit competition.

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