FireFit Individual

Got the FireFit Bug? Then you will want to compete in the Individual Event!

This is demanding and will push you to your max! As an Individual Competitor you complete all 5 stages that make up the FireFit Competition. Head-to-head competition that is exciting and motivating... pushing you to be the best that you can be!

Categories include: Open Men, Open Women, Over 40 Women, Over 40 Men, Over 45 Men, Over 50 Men, Over 55 Men, Over 60 Men, Chief and FireFit Team (3 to 5 Individuals from same Department, 3 fastest times added together to generate the FireFit Team time).

At the FireFit Championships in September, the following Categories are also recognized: Over 65 Men, Over 50 Women, Rookie of the Year, Top Male Volunteer, Top Female Volunteer, Top Volunteer Team & Top Volunteer Relay Team.

The Events

Competitors don the Dräger SCBA and are ushered onto the course.  Competitors may have their hands on the Hi-Rise Pack. The start command is "Go".  Competitors must wait for the 'Go' command; an early start may result in a restart or a 2-second false start penalty. Each event must be performed in the order specified below.

Task 1: Stair Climb
The first event is the stair climb with Hi-Rise Pack. The Hi-Rise Pack is a 4-foot bundle of 4-inch hose weighing 42 pounds. This is carried on the outside shoulder when moving up the stairs and must be deposited completely in or on the box on the top floor of the tower (40 ft., 6 flights, 60 steps).
A 2-second penalty is assessed if any part of the Pack is touching the tower platform.  When ascending the tower handrails may be used. Steps can be taken one at a time or in multiples on the way up. When descending handrails and steps must be used.  Failure to touch each step on the way down will result in a 2-second penalty per infraction.

Task 2: Hose Hoist
A 42 lb Donut Roll of LDH hose and 5/8" kern-mantle rope are used. Competitors 5'6" and under are allowed to stand on the Hi Rise pack with the option, on completion, to place the pack in or on the box or be assessed a 2 second penalty. The Donut Roll must be hauled (usually hand over hand motion) up to the top landing of the tower, lifted and placed in the box on the top of the tower. A 2-second penalty is assessed if any part of the Donut Roll is touching the tower platform. The Donut Roll must stay on the platform or the competitor is disqualified. A fallen donut roll may not be retrieved.

Task 3: Forcible Entry
The Forcible entry stage utilizes a chopping simulator. Using the 9 lb. Trusty Cook dead-blow mallet provided, the competitor moves the beam 10" along until some part of the green of the decal can be seen. Once this task is complete the competitor must place the hammer on the designated 4' x 4' area. If the hammer does not stay on the 4' x 4' area a 2 second penalty is given.

Task 4: Run
Competitors then walk or run as fast as they can around the hydrants, a distance of 140 ft, then shoulder the nozzle end of a 1.75" fully charged BullDog hose line. There is a 5 second penalty for missing a hydrant and a 2 second penalty for knocking over a hydrant. 

Task 5: Hose Advance
Once shouldered the competitor drags the fully charged BullDog hose line 75 feet. The competitor opens the nozzle and hits the designated target with a water stream.  Once the target is down, the competitor shuts the nozzle and places it on the ground with at least, some part of the nozzle touching the blue line. If the nozzle is not shut before it is placed down, the competitor must go back and close it. Failure to do so results in a 5-second penalty. If the target is missed a 2-second penalty is assessed. Once the hose advance is complete the competitor moves towards the final task, Victim Rescue.  Note: if the nozzle opens again after it hits the ground, there is no penalty and the competitor can continue.

Task 6: Victim Rescue
A 175 mannequin must be lifted and dragged backwards a distance of 100 ft. Carrying the mannequin in your arms or over your shoulder is not permitted. If the mannequin is put down, it must be lifted again before continuing. The mannequin must not be grasped by its clothing or appendages. Time stops when the competitor and mannequin
cross the beam at the finish line with the mannequin's feet completely across the blue line.


FireFit reserves the right to stop those competitors who they feel may be in distress or present a danger to themselves or others.

FireFit Competitions are open to medically cleared fire/rescue personnel as well as enrolled, medically cleared pre-fire service school students. All competitors must sign a waiver and release form prior to accessing the course. Teams may consist of 3 to 5 individuals from the same Department. For registration costs please see Entry Fee Page. Registration is done through the FireFit On-Line Registration System. Prior to registering a Team for an Event each member of the team must complete an on-line Competitor Profile & Health Questionnaire. This is also accessed through the On-Line Registration System.



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